Kicking back by the Doubletree fireplace and dreaming of the start of LDSHE Conference. Can't wait!
Behind the Scenes

Hotel Final Walk Through 2017

Behind the Scenes

Traveling to the Hotel

On Tuesday, some of our conference team members popped over to Williamsburg to take a final walk through tour of the Doubletree.  Jessica Croker, our venue director, Jennifer Georgia, our audio library director and Susannah Conrad (that’s me!), our speaker coordinator, carpooled down from Northern Virginia together.

It was a bright sunny day, the drive was lovely, the conversation superb, and we were looking forward to the famous chocolate chip cookies the hotel gives out when you check in.  How many would they give us?  We picnicked on a pretty bench outside of the conference center when we arrived.

We were soon met by Kari Brimhall, our youth conference president and two of our YCT members: Mimi and Mazie.  There were hugs and hellos and glad to see you, and then we were ready to meet up with Debbie, our hotel liaison. We were indeed plied with cookies (yay!), then we found a cozy table with high chairs to sit and have a chat.

Final hotel walk through for LDSHE East conference 2017.
Left to Right: Jessica, Susannah, Jeni, and Kari

Information Exchange

There is a lot of information that goes back and forth between LDSHE and the hotel.  Things like: what A/V equipment is needed for each class, which rooms will be used for how long and for what, do they need chairs?  Tables?  How many?  What style of set up is needed: theatre or classroom?  Where will the water stations be located?  How will vendors be set up, and when can they start setting up?  Can we ship boxes to the hotel?  So much information!

It’s Jessica’s job to take all of our decisions and convey them to the hotel.  Tuesday’s trip was to make sure the hotel had the most current information and both sides understood each other.  We also peeked into rooms we will be using at the conference to make sure that they will indeed, be acceptable to our needs.

Everything is on track for next month.  We are so excited and can’t wait for it to begin!

Final hotel walk through for LDSHE East conference 2017.
Mimi and Mazie eating their cookies
Final hotel walk through for LDSHE East conference 2017.
Conquering the stage 





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