How has LDSHE Blessed Your Family?

By Tina Huntsman

Here are four stories of moms whose homeschools were transformed by insights gained at LDSHE conferences.

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LDSHE East Article by Tina Huntsman "How has LDSHE blessed your family?"

Beginners’ Seminar

The Beginners’ Seminar gave me confidence to go forward with our decision to homeschool and gave me practical ideas to help us be successful.
— Meagan P.


I remember Marlene Peterson telling the original story of “The Ice Princess” as her main address one year. She remarked that children need to see something beautiful, hear a piece of beautiful music, and read (or be read aloud) a piece of beautiful poetry every day. I threw in something from nature as well. It touched my heart. While we don’t do each of these things every day, we do experience them on a regular basis. Applying these suggestions helps us to be calm, refocus, and make life a little more meaningful each day.
— Sarah G.


LDSHE conferences have given focus and clarity to what we’re trying to do in our homeschool, and how to do it.  Some favorite LDSHE quotes that I’ve applied as I went on the journey from “traditional school at home” to child-focused private tutoring have been “Don’t give counsel to your fears,” “Enrich the environment,” “Routines not schedules,” and “Have a vision of who your child is going to become, and treat him as if he were already there.”  These have truly been paradigm-shifting for me and changed how I think about education.

— Jennifer G.


My public school elementary math experiences taught me that the ultimate goal of learning math was to finish the textbook before the end of the year–and preferably before any of my classmates so I could be seen as “the smart kid.”  But participating in a 2013 LDSHE class, “Playing with Math,” made me aware that math is more than just working out problems and memorizing facts. Math is a beautiful language, a way to appreciate and understand and describe God’s creations.

After conference, I went home and bought Cuisenaire rods so I could “play with math” instead of just guiding my kids through a textbook. I set aside workbooks for a time and concentrated on playing math games. Now, two years later, I love seeing my two-year-old build trains with our rods and my five-year-old stack smaller rods to make ten. I love exploring patterns and sequences and mathematical relationships with my older kids. Our mathematical learning was changed forever by this one LDSHE class.
— Tina H.

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