9 Ways to Reuse Your LDSHE Bag

9 Ways to Reuse LDSHE Bags

One of the highlights of LDSHE for many people are the bags: back packs for youths and totes for adults. They are handy at the conference to carry around water bottles, guide books, note taking devices, and whatever else you need at the conference. Each year comes with a new bag, so if you have attended the conference for many year,s you may have a stash of old ones at home. Instead of tossing your newest bag in the back of the closet with the others, try reusing them in one of these ways.

Library Bag

2016 LDSHE East Youth Attendee:
“I use it for library books.”

9 Ways to Reuse Your LDSHE Bag

Music Bag

If you take lessons for the piano, flute, trumpet, violin, or another instrument, use the youth backpack to hold your music books.

9 Ways to Reuse Your LDSHE Bag

Camp Hiking and Day Back Pack

2016 LDSHE East Youth Attendee :
“It’s awesome for Girls Camp! We are suppose to bring a day pack to carry your water bottle, compass, first aid kit, and other items. They use to give one to us, but now we have to bring our own. I like this bag because it is smaller than other back packs so I take it to camp with me”


Swim/Beach Bag

This bag is the perfect size to hold your sunscreen, swim suit, flip flops, and sunglasses.

9 Ways to Reuse Your LDSHE Bag


Overnight Bag

You can’t fit your whole wardrobe in the youth backpack, but you can fit some pajamas, spear clothes, and toiletries for your next overnighter.


Yarn Bag

We have known a couple people who used their bag for yarn projects after the conference. Use yours to stash your extra yarns, or everything you need for your current project. Then take the bag with you when you need to wait at the doctor’s office or DMV.


Church Bag

2016 LDSHE East Adult Attendee :
“I take the LDSHE conference bag to church with me all the time. I play organ and lead choir, so I need something large enough to hold all my gear. I sometimes use another tote bag, but I like using the bag I received from conference because it reminds me of the wonderful experience I had. It is also a great conversation starter, and gives me a chance to talk about LDSHE.”

9 Ways to Reuse Your LDSHE Bag

Picnic Bag

The youth is the perfect size for lunch for one or two, and the adult bags can fit more. Pack a lunch and head to the park, zoo, nature center, or other field trip.



Laptop Bag

Throw in your laptop, cords, and anything else you need on the go.


How else have you used your bag after conference?


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