LDSHE Article: How Home Schooling Helped My Career

How Homeschooling Helped My Career

By Elise Schulzke Von Scheel
Originally Posted in the May 2016 LDSHE Youth Newsletter
LDSHE Article: How Home Schooling Helped My Career
I was never built for school. I wanted to spend my days locked in my room furiously scribbling words onto a page.  I knew I would never be interested in the square root of pi or the molecular structure of water. Being homeschooled gave me the freedom to spend hours doing what I loved: writing.
LDSHE Article: How Home Schooling Helped My Career by Elise Schulzke Von Scheel


Because I could design my own schooling, I was able to devote my time to finding a career I was truly passionate about. I was in charge of my learning and my future, which many other kids in schools aren’t.  When I got to university, I didn’t feel unequipped.  Instead, the homeschooler skills of research, time management and a love of learning pushed me ahead of the pack.

Homeschooling taught me that the only limits I have are the ones I give myself. I chose a demanding program with a low acceptance rate because it was my passion.  I applied for a job that could have easily gone to someone more qualified because I wanted to challenge myself.

Where are things now? Thanks to homeschooling, I’m graduating from an honours program in journalism, as well as leading a team of writers for a social media start-up company.

Maybe you don’t want to be a writer. Maybe you want to be a scientist, an accountant, a musician. Homeschooling helped me be more creative, ambitious, driven and happy. Whatever your dream is, homeschooling will help you unlock the things you want out of your life.

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