LDSHE Article: How Home School Helped Me Develop My Creativity by Adriana Foxley

How Homeschooling Helped Develop My Creativity

By Adriana Foxley

LDSHE East Article: How Homeschool Helped Develop My Creativity by Adriana Foxley
My life is an empty canvas waiting to be painted. In my opinion learning to navigate through life is impossible without creativity. As a child I could pull toilet paper rolls out of the trash and turn them into something new, and I believe that I can do that now as a “grown up” in “grown up life” (figuratively speaking of course!)

LDSHE Article: How Home School Helped Me Develop My Creativity by Adriana Foxley
My life is very creative, the solutions I come up with when faced with problems may not be what is always anticipated or expected, but they always seem to work for me, the way I can be happy with the blessings and gifts the Lord has given me, as well as construct upon them to make them greater, is all due to a deeply rooted love for creating. This love was most greatly influenced by my opportunity to be educated at home.

Being Home Educated has been the greatest blessing of my life! It has opened new doors to creativity that otherwise would have been not only closed but virtually invisible to me. Any credit for success I have had as an artist must be given to the fact that I was given time to explore.

My mom let me pull trash out of the garbage, she made me a “create box” to stuff all my trash in, she made sure I had plenty of unstructured play as a child to build my imagination, and then as I grew she continued to encourage me to explore and provide materials, experiences, and space to make messes. This was not only in my artistic endeavors, but also in almost all aspects of my education.

My mother highlighted my interests and gave and helped me approach each subject in a way that was unique to me and the way I learned, letting me explore. This approach to life and education helped me learn to use my resources.

Being homeschooled can also mean that you don’t have a soccer team, or a great study group that doesn’t consist of younger siblings scribbling over your science book, or maybe you don’t have access to funds to buy the books you want/need and have to make do with the old stuff your older siblings used. But the whole point behind home education is to do it your own way!

When you use what you have and get creative nothing can stop you from having the type of education or life experiences you want! If your math isn’t working out for you get on the internet and look up cool new ways to learn math! So you decide you want to learn to use an abacus but you don’t have one? No problem! drill a hole through some nuts and string them on a wire hanger!

I left home feeling like I could do anything. The only challenge that has over gotten in the way of me doing something I wanted was my own self; because I didn’t want to put in the effort, or my heart wasn’t really in it.

You are the master of your life! If learning math for you means you accidentally drill a hole in your hand (from making that abacus) and you learn a life lesson in the process, well I’d say you are on the right track to a happy, creative, and successful life!

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