Announcing the 2018 YCT!

That time of the year is here! Phone calls have been made, emails sent, and we have our YCT team for the 2018 conference! We know you can’t wait to meet them so we will get right to it.

LDSHE Article: Welcome the 2018 YCT

Our Fabulous Returning Members:

Elizabeth Royster
Alexander Conrad
Levi Ward
Joseph Earl
Isaac Earl
Thomas Finlayson

Incoming Members:

Emily Smith
Brenna Croker
Britta Hilton
Sarah Allen
Jenna Raymond
Madison Softley
Sidney Bohon
John Patterson
Jonathan Sauter
Mason Rodriguez
Tyler Bugg
Hunter Forero

Right now these amazing youth and their leaders are planning for the summer face to face, where hey will start planning the 2018 conference. Stay tuned for more updates and introductions for each YCT member.


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