LDSHE East Article: YCT Experiences from the 2017 YCT
Behind the Scenes

YCT Experiences from the 2017 YCT Members

Serving on the YCT is an amazing service opportunity for youth. With the average individual serving 250+ hours, it comes with a lot of hard work. However, that hard work is paid of with fantastic rewards: meeting new people, making life long friends, and leadership experiences.

Here is what some of the 2017 YCT say about there time serving.

LDSHE Article: YCT Experiences from the 2017 YCT


Elizabeth Royster: It was so fun! one thing i loved most was signing people’s name tags

Jeannie Handy: I have loved being on the YCT! I have learned that we have AWESOME youth leaders, and that everyone has the potential for greatness inside (including me).

Julie Butler: I have learned and grown so much from being on the YCT. There are few things better than being able to  serve the youth of the conference. You get to know
SO MANY new people, and, even though you might miss a meal, or five, it is so worth it! Plus, I got to hang out with the coolest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, which was stupendous.

Levi Ward: It was awesome!

Madison Rodriguez: I got so many amazing friends, and being on the YCT has helped me get out of my comfort zone. My first year on the YCT I was really shy, until everyone helped me realize that they valued my ideas, and they made me feel like a part of the team.

Makayla Blackwell: Being a YCT has helped me grow and learn important lessons of leadership. I have loved getting to know all you amazing fab people!!!

Nicholas Howell: YCT gave me unique opportunities to make some great friends and to see some aspects of conference planning that I would not have otherwise experienced.

Tim Palmer: The YCT is one of the best things I have ever participated in, you get to make new awesome, amazing, and fantastic friends. You guys have helped me prepare for a mission and college more than I can say. I love you all.

Zoie Johansen: I loved it more than anything, being a spatula has always been my favorite and I enjoyed getting to be one at the conference. And I love the YCT it’s a great way to get close friends!




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