LDSHE Article "Right Brain, Left Brain, Does it Really Matter?" written by Dana Wood, homeschool, parenting, education
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Right Brain? Left Brain? Does It Really Matter?

Written by Dana Wood When my husband and I were first married, for some reason, we got into a debate about how we each saw the passage of time. He saw it as a linear line of calendar pages that tore themselves off as each day passed. I saw time as a huge spiral taking… Continue reading Right Brain? Left Brain? Does It Really Matter?

LDSHE Article, "Hello, My Name's Katie and I Like Book Clubs." Written by Katie Wilson. Home school, Homeschool, book club ideas

Hello, My Name is Katie, and I Like Book Clubs

Written by Katie Wilson There. I’ve admitted it. Despite my reluctance to be defined by one area of interest in my life, I am finally admitting that I am a “book club person.” Or “book clubber.” (No, sounds like someone who sneaks up behind baby seals with a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary as… Continue reading Hello, My Name is Katie, and I Like Book Clubs

LDSHE Article "How Has LDSHE Blessed Your Life?" by Tina Huntsman, Homeschool article, homeschool advice

How Has LDSHE Blessed You?

By Tina Huntsman LDSHE moms leave conference with a head full of new ideas and connections, a guidebook full of notes, and a heart full of a desire to improve their homeschool and life.  But how to implement it all?  Here are some stories from moms who found a kernel of truth in a class,… Continue reading How Has LDSHE Blessed You?

LDSHE Article written by Melissa Arauz, New School Year, New Comfort Zone

New School Year, New Comfort Zone

Written by Melissa Arauz I'm so proud of us. This is turning into my year of stretching myself and apparently my family get taken on those journeys too. We decided we'd go on the "Not Back to School" campout with a few other homeschooling families. I only knew one family, the one who set this… Continue reading New School Year, New Comfort Zone

LDSHE Article: How We Manage Dyslexia and You Can Too! written by Melissa Coombs. Dyslexia help, reading help, home school advice.

How We Manage Dyslexia and You Can Too

Written by Melissa Coombs Read Part 1 of My Journey with My Dyslexic Children here. Part 2: Managing Dyslexia Over the past 13 years I have been through an incredible journey with my four dyslexic children. It has been more of an adventure than I ever imagined I would have as a mother. Getting the… Continue reading How We Manage Dyslexia and You Can Too

LDSHE Article: Personal Progress in Your Home School by Suzette Conrad

Personal Progress in Your Homeschool

Personal Progress is amazing!!! I loved it so much in Young Women, and I am still passionate about it. I worked on Personal Progress a lot during my time in Young Women, because I felt it is what I needed. I struggled with church, and Personal Progress is one of the things that kept me… Continue reading Personal Progress in Your Homeschool

LDSHE East Article: 5 Myths About Dyselxia by Melissa Coombs. Dyselxia Help. Home school advice.

Myths About Dyslexia

Written by Melissa Coombs (Here are myths about dyslexia as written by Dr. Shaywitz, with my personal comments added.) 1. Myth: People who are dyslexic see words backward ("dog" as "god" or "was" as "saw"), or they write words or letters backward. This assumption is wrong. My comment - My daughter, who is my only… Continue reading Myths About Dyslexia

LDSHE Article: My Journey with Dyslexic Children by Melissa Coombs. Dyslexia help, reading help, home school advice.

My Journey with Dyslexic Children

Written by Melissa Coombs Part 1: “Groundhog Day” I was suspicious that something might be “wrong” with my 4 year old son when he could not recognize the letters of the alphabet or say their sounds, regardless of how many times we went over it, or what games we played with letters. He could remember… Continue reading My Journey with Dyslexic Children

LDSHE Article: Advice for a New School Year written by Elizabeth Royster. home school help,

Advice for a New School Year

Elizabeth is one of the co-chairs on the 2017-2018 East LDSHE YCT (youth conference team). She knows a new school year can be tough, exciting, and fun, so here is some advice from her:     Hey LDSHE! Here are 5 points of advice to make this follow school year a successful one: Attend Seminary… Continue reading Advice for a New School Year

LDSHE Article "Using General Conference in Your Homes School" by Tina Huntsman

Using General Conference in Your Homeschool

By Tina Huntsman In his closing remarks of the April 2016 General Conference, Elder Holland acknowledged that the “wonderful feelings” that define General Conference weekend will, likely, yield to more worldly matters in the days to come.  We'll come down from our "conference highs" into the real world of daily life.  And we'll long for… Continue reading Using General Conference in Your Homeschool