LDSHE Article: East Face to Face Highlights
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East Face To Face Highlights

Hi! My name is Sidney, I am a first-time YCT this year and I can't wait for LDSHE! I already know it's gonna be a blast! Recently we had our first Face To Face and it was so much fun! To be honest with you I was really nervous for my first Face To Face, I… Continue reading East Face To Face Highlights

LDSHE East Article: YCT Experiences from the 2017 YCT
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YCT Experiences from the 2017 YCT Members

Serving on the YCT is an amazing service opportunity for youth. With the average individual serving 250+ hours, it comes with a lot of hard work. However, that hard work is paid of with fantastic rewards: meeting new people, making life long friends, and leadership experiences. Here is what some of the 2017 YCT say… Continue reading YCT Experiences from the 2017 YCT Members

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Congratulations Grads of 2017

We love our graduating seniors! Congratulations Nicholas, Benjamin, Beryl, Mimi, Juliana, Kobie, Hannah, Emma, Hanna, Austin, Mazie, Luc, Jennie, Noah, Audrey, Zoie, Tim, Heather, Sabrina, Lacy, Madison, and Sheridan! Here are a few memories from this year's graduation.

Behind the Scenes

Another Amazing Year

Thank you for another amazing year! Setting Up Registration A Day with Julie Bogart YCT and Youth Conference President at Talent Show Speakers Family Dance Graduation

Kicking back by the Doubletree fireplace and dreaming of the start of LDSHE Conference. Can't wait!
Behind the Scenes

Hotel Final Walk Through 2017

Behind the Scenes Traveling to the Hotel On Tuesday, some of our conference team members popped over to Williamsburg to take a final walk through tour of the Doubletree.  Jessica Croker, our venue director, Jennifer Georgia, our audio library director and Susannah Conrad (that’s me!), our speaker coordinator, carpooled down from Northern Virginia together. It… Continue reading Hotel Final Walk Through 2017