Announcing the 2018 YCT!

That time of the year is here! Phone calls have been made, emails sent, and we have our YCT team for the 2018 conference! We know you can't wait to meet them so we will get right to it. Our Fabulous Returning Members: Elizabeth Royster Alexander Conrad Levi Ward Joseph Earl Isaac Earl Thomas Finlayson… Continue reading Announcing the 2018 YCT!

Pinterest Inspired Summer from LDSHE

Pinterest Inspiration: Summer Days

Summer is here! For some homeschoolers this means a break, others keeping working on school, and others take a looser approach to homeschooling. Whatever your summer style, here are some activities and ideas from Pinterest you can use during the summer. Make sure to follow us to see more.… Continue reading Pinterest Inspiration: Summer Days

LDSHE East Article: Getting a Handle on Time by Dana Wood

Getting a Handle On Time

By Dana Wood Mindy looks at the clock and realizes she has just enough time to clean up the kitchen before she needs to run out the door. She walks into the kitchen and starts to run the water in the sink. As the sink is filling she notices that the counters have school books… Continue reading Getting a Handle On Time


How Homeschooling Helped Develop My Creativity

By Adriana Foxley My life is an empty canvas waiting to be painted. In my opinion learning to navigate through life is impossible without creativity. As a child I could pull toilet paper rolls out of the trash and turn them into something new, and I believe that I can do that now as a… Continue reading How Homeschooling Helped Develop My Creativity

LDSHE East Article: Math and Vegetables: How to Love Both by Jeni Georgia

Math and Vegetables: How to Love Both

By Jennifer Georgia Math has been a trial to many a homeschool mother.  It’s supposed to be so good for you, and as important to future success as vegetables are to health.  But many kids dislike it, and it often becomes a battle.  If this is where you are (as I was), here are some… Continue reading Math and Vegetables: How to Love Both

LDSHE Article: How Home Schooling Helped My Career

How Homeschooling Helped My Career

By Elise Schulzke Von Scheel Originally Posted in the May 2016 LDSHE Youth Newsletter I was never built for school. I wanted to spend my days locked in my room furiously scribbling words onto a page.  I knew I would never be interested in the square root of pi or the molecular structure of water.… Continue reading How Homeschooling Helped My Career


Summer Honors Program

By Kari Brimhall Our online classes ended the first part of May as well as our home school co-op. My kids were thrilled thinking they were done for the year! I explained that we still had lots of learning to do before we officially ended the second week in June with all of their public-schooled… Continue reading Summer Honors Program

Behind the Scenes

Congratulations Grads of 2017

We love our graduating seniors! Congratulations Nicholas, Benjamin, Beryl, Mimi, Juliana, Kobie, Hannah, Emma, Hanna, Austin, Mazie, Luc, Jennie, Noah, Audrey, Zoie, Tim, Heather, Sabrina, Lacy, Madison, and Sheridan! Here are a few memories from this year's graduation.

9 Ways to Reuse Your LDSHE Bag

9 Ways to Reuse LDSHE Bags

One of the highlights of LDSHE for many people are the bags: back packs for youths and totes for adults. They are handy at the conference to carry around water bottles, guide books, note taking devices, and whatever else you need at the conference. Each year comes with a new bag, so if you have… Continue reading 9 Ways to Reuse LDSHE Bags