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12 Pinterest Boards to Get You Ready for Summer


This Christmas, Mend a Quarrel: A Month Long Relationship Enhancing Plan

By Rachel Spigarelli As homeschoolers, we are not immune to troubled relationships with our children.  If anything, when these problems occur, we feel a heightened awareness of them.  Sometimes a child is feeling surly, and then this might develop into a habit of sarcasm.  Sometimes we are tired and overwhelmed and make impatient demands, losing… Continue reading This Christmas, Mend a Quarrel: A Month Long Relationship Enhancing Plan

LDSHE Article "Following Our Passions" by Hunter Forero

Following Our Passions

By Hunter Forero Life puts so much on us sometimes. Well, most of the time. Things like school, work, bills, trials, and many other things. We need time of our own. Time to do what we like to do and get away from our problems. It is very important to do what we have to… Continue reading Following Our Passions

LDSHE Article: Facing Fears Knee Deep, by Jenna Raymond. Homeschool advice, fears, confidence

Facing Fears Knee Deep

Hello all! My name is Jenna Raymond, this is my first year being a YCT and I am so excited for you to see everything we have planned for you! This Year the YCT members are becoming more interactive on social media and one way of becoming more interactive is writing a blog post on… Continue reading Facing Fears Knee Deep

LDSHE Article "Every Day's a Holiday" by Susan Van Cleave, homeschool idea

Every Day’s a Holiday

Written by Susan Van Cleave On September 22 I woke my kids up at 7am and gave them each a fruit smoothie as they lay in their beds. It was time for first breakfast. I fed them bacon and eggs for second breakfast after they got home from seminary. For elevenses we had seed cake.… Continue reading Every Day’s a Holiday

LDSHE Article "For the Love of It" by Angela Baker. homeschool advice
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For the Love of It

Written by Angela Baker One Sunday night as I tucked my seven year old son into his bed, I asked him, “Hyrum, what do you want to accomplish this week?” He thought for a brief moment and then responded in what seemed to be a random response. “I hate my reading books.” “Oh, what is… Continue reading For the Love of It

LDSHE Article "Right Brain, Left Brain, Does it Really Matter?" written by Dana Wood, homeschool, parenting, education
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Right Brain? Left Brain? Does It Really Matter?

Written by Dana Wood When my husband and I were first married, for some reason, we got into a debate about how we each saw the passage of time. He saw it as a linear line of calendar pages that tore themselves off as each day passed. I saw time as a huge spiral taking… Continue reading Right Brain? Left Brain? Does It Really Matter?

LDSHE Article "How to Write 6 Different Poems" by Penny Gardner, english, literature, poetry, creative writing, homeschool

6 Poems You Can Write

From Penny Gardner's "Beautiful Works" class given at the 2015 youth conference. Hear the whole class recording in our audio library for only $1.99. Listen to it here. Here are six different poems you can learn to write today. 1. Cinquain Five short, non-rhyming lines: A one-word title Two descriptive words Three action words Four… Continue reading 6 Poems You Can Write

LDSHE Article, "Hello, My Name's Katie and I Like Book Clubs." Written by Katie Wilson. Home school, Homeschool, book club ideas

Hello, My Name is Katie, and I Like Book Clubs

Written by Katie Wilson There. I’ve admitted it. Despite my reluctance to be defined by one area of interest in my life, I am finally admitting that I am a “book club person.” Or “book clubber.” (No, sounds like someone who sneaks up behind baby seals with a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary as… Continue reading Hello, My Name is Katie, and I Like Book Clubs

LDSHE Article: "Three Lessons I Learned from College" by Brian Habashi, homeschool, education

Three Lessons I Learned from College

 Alex Habashi: A former home school student from 1st through 12th grades who served in 2015 as a member of the LDSHE Youth Conference YCT. Unfortunately, summer is now over. With the start of the new school year, there are undoubtedly some of you reading this article who are nervous about what the future --… Continue reading Three Lessons I Learned from College